Women’s Leadership Resource Circle

Virtual Resource Circle

You are not alone on your leadership journey.

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You are not the only one having the kinds of challenges you face every day. Smart, capable, committed, funny, interesting women around the world are with you, sharing in the turmoil and the triumph.

Our virtual Women’s Leadership Resource Circle is for you if you are asking any of these questions:


Credibility, Influence & Confidence?

How do I grow in credibility, influence, & confidence while being true to myself?

Exhaustion & Overwhelm?

I’m exhausted and overwhelmed. How do I break out of this downward spiral?

Crazy Ambitious Goals?

Will you support my crazy ambitious goals, yet still provide practical, grounded advice?

Family & Work?

What’s the real answer about integrating family and work? How do I do both?

Dream Job?

Is it too late to go for my dream job? My dream life?

Taking Care of Myself?

I’m supposed to put myself first? Really? Between work priorities, teenage kids, aging parents, and daily surprises thrown my way, it seems impossible. How do I do it without being irresponsible or getting behind?

Proud of my Career?

I’m not married and don’t have kids. How do I stay secure and confident on my path in a world that still seems to value being married and having kids above all else? How do I stay balanced without feeling pressured to make work my whole life?

I do have young kids at home, yet I love my career! Is it OK to be a mom and invest in my work?


We believe you are a leader in your work and your life.

Our leadership curriculum meets you where you are, and supports you in taking it to the next level.


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