Women’s Leadership Resource Circle

Virtual Resource Circle

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You are not alone on your leadership journey. You are not the only one having the kinds of challenges you face every day. Smart, capable, committed, funny, interesting women around the world are with you, sharing in the turmoil and the triumph.

Yet you might not have the time and resources to commit to long-term coaching relationship or in-person leadership class at this time. Instead you need leadership development on-the-go, right when you want it.

Our virtual Women’s Leadership Resource Circle is for you. With your annual membership you receive:

Integrated Leadership Plan

Upon registration you will receive a self-directed Integrated Leadership Plan workbook that you can use at any time to design a thoughtful, inspiring, balanced plan of professional and personal goals.

Monthly True Leadership Sessions

These live classes are led by leadership experts and keep you focused on your priorities, moving you toward your goals from a place of inner purpose and inspiration.

Ask A Coach

You can ask one of our leadership coaches a specific question and receive a personal reply to your situation within 24 hours. No issue is to big or to small. Ask us.

Priority Registration in Online Leadership Classes

We offer virtual classes on current leadership topics like Confidence, Relationship-Building, Resilience, and more. You are automatically registered into each of our virtual classes as part of your membership. Participate live or listen to the recordings when you are ready. Your choice.

Global Connections with Tiara Women

You will be securely and privately connected to other women in the Tiara network from around the world. You can connect one-on-one or start a member-sourced discussion group.

Access to Archived and Members Only Content

You will have full access to our archived TeleSeries and Roundtables as well as our library of Tiara Tools, complete with instructions on how to use them for yourself.

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