The Art of Compromise… Moving to Win-Win

The Top 10 things to do when mastering the art of compromise.

January 25, 2019, and - Download PDF

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Top 10 Things to do:

  1. Listen. Steven Covey says, “seek first to understand before you are understood”.
  2. Beachball. Be able to articulate both sides of the issue
  3. Clarify. What is the ultimate desired outcome … get to the highest “WHY” possible.
  4. Stay Open. Remain open to the face that you just might have a “blind spot”.
  5. Give up All -or – Nothing.
  6. Find Common Ground. What do you have in common?
  7. Start at #1. Identify the single most important thing for you – then list what else is desired and rank them (think of buying a house)
  8. Keep Talking. Recognize when it’s time to take a break and have a plan for re-engagement
  9. It can’t be Win/Lose. Eliminate this as a strategy, tactic or outcome
  10. Maintain Relationship Throughout Results and relationships in tact both matter. Operate with Dignity, Respect, Integrity, Empathy and Compassion

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