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In the Spirit of Gratitude, Be the Change you Desire to See

Tiara is very proud to be sharing Peninah’s story and mission of changing the lives of young girls through her organization, Safe Spaces Nairobi.

November 18, 2017, - Download PDF

Tiara Peninah Safe Spaces

When Liz Early, Chair of the Safe Spaces Foundation, reached out to me to explore if and how Tiara International could support the Safe Spaces Nairobi program, I knew I was going to say yes, right from the beginning.

A yes for both the program itself and the important work it provides for the young women in the slums of Nairobi. And a yes for its pioneer and founder, Peninah Nthenya Musyimi who is demonstrating that one woman can be the change she desires to see in her world.

It was clear I was going to say yes to Liz, who became inspired to create a foundation for financial support in order to provide the critical means to materialize Peninah’s vision for girls from Eastland slums of Nairobi.

I’m proud that Tiara supports several not-for-profit organizations that are aligned with our mission, “…to create a world where all people, can lead their lives from inspiration”. Safe Spaces Nairobi provides opportunities and mentorship for girls and young women to envision and pursue the future they want for themselves and their communities through life-skills, reproductive health training and awareness, arts and sports, vocational training, and academic education scholarship programs.

Creating ‘safe spaces’ is what women in the Tiara community are generating for each other to proactively develop their leadership, and lead their lives from inspiration, from the inside out. Thankfully, the women in our community are not usually threatened physically.

In thinking of girls around the world, especially those in the Safe Spaces program,  I am thankful for Peninah’s and Liz’s championing hands-on contribution to their safety, playful development, support, and the possibilities of an abundant future.

I am very proud to be sharing Peninah’s story and mission with you in this Spotlight. We know women around the world are making a difference in their communities just by showing up as their unique and true selves – as “the” true leaders in their own lives. At Tiara that is the foundation for being the change we hope to see in the world. It all starts with being the woman you know you are … in the world. And powerfully stepping into your lives and living and leading from that quiet calm and confident space. No matter what.

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