Tiara International LLC is committed to inspiring women leaders. Our Tiara Spotlight Series showcases women who embody The Tiara Model for True Leadership (SM) in their life's work.

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Celine Ikeler

Owner, The Karma Baker

Celine Ikeler, owner of The Karma Baker is a mother, creator, and vegan baker. Tiara Managing Partner, Alison Miller, says of Celine, “In observing Celine and what she’s doing, she’s actually married transformation and growth into her work. Celine’s “enlightened baking” is bringing transformation not only to the actual ingredients she’s using, but to the people who work as part of Karma and her customers.”


Who are you?

An artist and single mother who has recently begun to experience an awakening, due, in no
small part, to Tiara, which complements my Buddhist sensibilities.


What are you passionate about?

My children, first and foremost. I also lead a very health-conscious lifestyle; my body deserves
the same discipline as my mind and heart and I always dedicate myself fully to working out.


Karma Baker Celine


Why are you involved in your business?

Well, the idea was nurtured through dinner parties with friends and family. I guess you could say that I’m also passionate about entertaining and engaging with others, especially regarding things that I care about. I love to share almost as much as I love to learn. I was an animator in California before I decided it was time to learn something new, to bring a new – if you will – flavor to my life. Hence, the culinary dream began. I’m really very excited about it.



How did you end up here? What’s your journey been like?

Being so fully devoted to your children can make you forget about some of the passions that drove you when you were younger. Once my kids were enrolled in school, I began to have more time to rediscover my dreams and plans for the future. It finally gave my ex-husband and I a chance to examine our lives, both shared and individual. We moved to England for some time, before finally coming back to the US. It was upon our return that we really invested the time necessary to truly ‘hear’ one another.

I finally opened my eyes to all the work I had to do, starting with myself. I discovered Buddhism, my culinary inclinations, and finally allowed myself the ability to heal.


How do you recharge your batteries or nourish yourself?

Meditation. Also, working out like an athlete. And my soul sisters: connecting with women in my life is huge.


What are you grateful for?

Support from the women in my life. Lessons I’ve experienced. The opportunity and the time to work on myself.


How do your clients benefit from your products/services?

My vegan bakery will offer a ‘karmic boost’ for everyone, not just for the body, but the soul.



What are your key “take-aways” from Tiara?

Tiara has given me the ability to truly visualize my ‘True Queen’ and put a label on the person I know I can be. Knowing and accepting the ‘Dark Queen’ has made self-compassion much easier.

In learning manifesting skills, just go crazy because it’s as big as you can wish. It’s as careful as you can wish. There is no limit except the limit that you think you can’t have it.


What’s next? What are you committed to?

I’m looking forward to reestablishing myself as a mother and ‘manifesting’ myself to what’s next. Also, my children and being the best parent I can be. Teaching them to how to lead compassionate and open-hearted lives.


To watch the full Spotlight interview with Celine Ikeler, visit Tiara Internationals’s YouTube Channel here.