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How do you lead from inspiration? Lead with fun!

Want to become a better leader? Lead by having fun!

July 14, 2015, - Download PDF

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At Tiara we know that the way to lead most effectively is to lead from inspiration. When you know what inspires you to contribute to others, the energy you bring to leadership is pure and strong. However, when you have a deep commitment or passion for something, it’s easy to become serious or weighed down with responsibility. When that happens we begin to lose our effectiveness, our enjoyment, our ability to motivate others and our momentum toward our dream.

One thing I notice is that when I’m having fun, inspiration and positive energy is always there. When I’m “working hard” even toward my dream or my passion, I’m not always having fun.

Interesting. I think it will be easier and more enjoyable to go for my vision while having fun, don’t you? I will share with you my inquiry that always reconnects me to fun:

  1. When did I have fun this week during work?
  2. When did I have fun this week in other areas of life?
  3. What do the moments when I had fun have in common?
  4. From noticing the themes, can I name my Fun Factors?

For me I realized that one of my Fun Factors is freedom. When I’m feeling free and creative, I’m having fun. When I’m feeling stuck or restricted, I get very serious. That means that I must bring a sense of freedom with me all the time, even when leading my business and my clients toward an outcome.

Ask yourself: What are your Fun Factors? How did identifying these make a difference for you today? How can you lead with fun?

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