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How To Be Inspired Every Day

It takes 15 minutes or less to be inspired daily!

May 18, 2016, - Download PDF

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We are exhausted and overwhelmed.

We are managing a constant barrage of information, opinions and ideas. Our “To Do” lists grow longer and longer. We are waiting for something to change so that we can feel inspired and have peace-of-mind every day. What do we think might change? Technology might slow down? We might have fewer options? We might be less busy?

Guess what. It’s not changing. Our circumstances will only get more complex. Are we doomed to lead lives of frustration and fatigue?

No. We can experience inspiration every day. We can feel peace-of-mind every day. We just have to stop waiting for it to happen to us and make it happen for us.

The following practices work. They are free. They take less than 15 minutes a day. Move it. Move your body physically for 15 minutes per day.

  1. Use both your mind and body. The majority of us spend our days using our minds. We are thinking, analyzing, planning, and conducting other cerebral activities. The way we connect with people throughout the day is mental, using technology to write one-way communications. To cultivate inspiration, use your mind and body. Get out of your head and into your body. Turn off thinking and turn on instinct. See it. Create a visual display of what’s most important to you. This can be a screen saver of a dream vacation, a poem you have posted on your dashboard, or pictures of your family. The only criteria is when you look at it, you feel good. Change your visual reminder often to keep your inspiration fresh.
  2. Pass it on. Acknowledge someone else out loud or in writing. If you genuinely thank or compliment someone each day for something that’s important to you, you will feel inspired and create a feeling of inspiration for those people important to you.
  3. Pick 3. Choose your top three action items each day. Yes, only three! We each have a list of one million things to do, and our lists are growing each minute. This is overwhelming and causes us to fixate on checking things off a list. When you choose the three items that would make the biggest difference to accomplish today, you are exerting your power over the influx of ideas that come your way. You are also creating a daily game that you can win. Most importantly, if you choose your priorities based on what’s most important to you, inspiration is reflected in those priorities.
  4. List it. At the end of the day, make a list that captures what you are proud of accomplishing and what you’re grateful for in your life. You can do this mentally or on paper. Your list can be extensive or just one important thing in each category.
  5. Acknowledge yourself for doing your best and living a full life. Will you take 15 minutes a day to create inspiration and peace in your life? Take a minute to ponder this honestly. If you are willing, you can make it happen. This will make a difference for you and everyone in your life. If you are not willing, you might consider that you are more committed to complaining about circumstances than taking leadership of your life.

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