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Generating Clarity in Your Life

Move towards clarity and awareness of what you want by knowing and owning our desires.

July 17, 2017, - Download PDF

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In Tiara, we work with the concept of generating clarity in our lives. Over the years, we have worked with thousands of women helping them get clear about what they truly desire. The majority of us crave clarity. We ask for it. We pray for it. We cry about it. We just don’t “pause” for it. We believe there are three groups that people tend to fall into regarding clarity:

The first group is very clear, know what they want, and are well on their way to achieving it.

The second group has a sense that something is not quite right, and would love for things to be different. They feel there is something else that would make them happier, but they are not certain about what it is or how to go about getting it.

The third group is what I call the ‘happily oblivious’ group; happily oblivious to what they truly want because they stay incredibly busy doing things and taking care of others without recognizing they have removed their own needs and desires from their own lives. The majority of us belong in the second and third groups. And, if we are honest, we may be a bit envious or even a little jealous about the folks in that first group.

So, how do we move from lack of clarity or awareness of what we want, to knowing and owning our desires? The Three Step Process to Clarity:

  1. Ask
    Do you give yourself the time and space to pause long enough to contemplate the answers to the question; ‘what do I want?’ This answer is not sourced externally. The answers come from within. Interestingly, sometimes the access point can come from recognizing the things you don’t want. For example, you recognize that your current position is not what you thought it would be. Maybe the job is too structured and doesn’t allow for creativity. Ask yourself: what would I like? Answer: A job that allows me to solve problems on my own and provide solutions to my boss for me to implement. The answer to ‘what do I want?’ comes from you, by pausing to recognize what is working and what is not, and using that information to add to your internal knowledge base.
  2. Focus
    Keep your focus on the things that you enjoy and the things that give you a positive Return on Energy (ROE℠). These things will have common characteristics. What are they? How do you feel when doing these things? The ones that provide positive energy are the ones that deserve our focus and more of our attention.
  3. Trust
    Do you trust yourself, your instincts, and your intuition? Do you hear yourself saying things such as: “I knew it! I had an inkling that was going to happen. I had a feeling something was up. It feels like the right thing to do.” This is your own wisdom talking to you. Sometimes the volume is turned down low, and sometimes it feels like the volume is on MAX. Turn up your volume by simply trusting your instincts. Clarity comes when we think about what we want next in our lives, recognize how we want to feel about it, and trust ourselves and our instincts along the way.

Where can clarity make a difference in your life? How do you achieve clarity?

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