Team Effectiveness for Leaders

Tiara Team Effectiveness

You have made it to the leadership role you’ve desired. You have a vision for your team or your company, and you are deeply motivated to succeed. You are motivated not only for yourself, but because you believe in the mission and goals.

However you keep running into roadblocks. You seem to be spending more time managing conflicts between team members than leading. You keep doing work that you should be handing off to others. It seems like there is a lack of focus, initiative, personal responsibility, and accountability. You are starting to wonder if you have the wrong team.

Before you start replacing your people or burn yourself out, you want to make sure that you are using tested and proven team effectiveness practices to lead your team. There are simple practices and techniques you can use consistently over time to lead your team in the right direction.

Our Team Effectiveness for Leaders programs are custom designed based on your specific situation. We often include the following:

  • Strengths-based assessment to increase awareness, improve communication, and leverage talents
  • Program launch to create a shared understanding of the vision, values, mission, roles, and goals
  • Monthly team development sessions to apply what’s learned over time
  • Team effectiveness and leadership tools that team members can use immediately with others
  • Individual coaching and support

Contact Elizabeth Ruske to discuss Team Effectiveness programs in the North America.

Contact Franciska Dekker or Andrea Henning to discuss Team Effectiveness Programs in Europe, South America, and Africa.