Speaking Engagements & Workshops

Speaking Engagement

Powerful. Engaging. Impactful. Motivating. Fun.

These are the reactions we get from the women who attend our motivational speaking engagements and workshops. Every person leaves the room with greater ability to be a true leader. In an interactive way, we build the self-awareness and skills needed to apply the concepts immediately.

Our style is professional, yet informal. Our approach is participative, using exercises to engage the audience. We  can modify our content to fit time slots ranging from 45-minutes to full days depending on your desired result. We choose the speaker from our team that is perfect for your audience.

Although we have a focus on women’s leadership development, we welcome men at the majority of our speaking engagements, if appropriate for the design.

Recent topics include:

Here are some of the organizations where Tiara has been a featured expert:


Contact Elizabeth Ruske or Franciska Dekker to discuss what topic and design would be perfect for your next event.