Inclusion & Diversity

Tiara Inclusion Diversity

We have over a decade of experience in women’s leadership development that is relevant to the successful implementation of your inclusion and diversity initiatives. We believe it’s important to be clear about the definitions, purpose, and goals of your initiatives. Do you and your organization’s leaders all understand the difference the terms “diversity” and “inclusion”? Are you clear about the strategic and mission-based reasons for your initiatives? Have you clearly identified the tangible outcomes you will see once you build a culture of inclusion?

With well designed and executed inclusion and diversity initiatives, we have witnessed organizations experiencing:

  • Creative solutions that foster inclusion at all levels of the organization
  • Increased engagement, commitment, and motivation from their most talented people
  • Meaningful retention and referrals

Our inclusion and diversity approach considers and includes:

  • Integration into your current leadership development initiatives and business goals
  • Clear, measurable outcomes for the specific program
  • Indicators of sustainable culture change

Contact Elizabeth Ruske or Franciska Dekker to discuss your inclusion and diversity challenges.