Executive Coaching for Women

Tiara Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching for women is for the influential business leader aspiring to reach the C-suite. She wants to work with a coach who has succeeded at a high level in the corporate world and who will provide business acumen, mentoring, and advice along with an integrative coaching program. The questions that bring women leaders to executive coaching are:

  • How do I continue to grow as a leader who challenges, motivates, delegates and develops my staff?
  • Where can I get an objective, supportive sounding board for my challenging situations or choices?
  • How do I integrate my core values into all areas of my life?
  • I’ve worked hard and made it to the top, what’s next for me?
  • Can I make a major change at this point in my career?

Executive Coaching is customized for your needs and typically includes:

  • Leadership Circle Profile (TM) 360-degree assessment
  • Kolbe A Index (TM)
  • Integrated Leadership Plan Foundation Session
  • Individual coaching sessions held once or twice per month
  • Additional books, materials and resources specific to your development
  • Unlimited pivot coaching between coaching sessions

To schedule a confidential conversation about Executive Coaching, please contact Peg Rowe or Franciska Dekker.