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Common Obstacles We Make When Setting Goals

Setting goals is easy. Setting goals that you can accomplish is harder. Tiara Leadership coaches share their best tips for creating goals you can achieve.

April 5, 2018, - Download PDF

Are there goals that you have been trying to accomplish for years that never seem to work out? Have you carried these goals year after year and just can’t let go? Are they too big and you feel overwhelmed from the beginning? Do you know what is stopping you from reaching them or why you are still holding on, refusing to cross them off of your lists?

Often times the personal goals that we plan for ourselves are not coming from true inspiration. They might be something that we really think we want, when ultimately, it’s something we feel pressured into attaining by an outside force.

Tiara Global Leaders Andrea Henning and Franciska Dekker talk about the mistakes we make when setting personal goals and the importance of asking ourselves if they are honestly attainable, and more importantly, something we truly desire for our lives.


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