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Thea Durfee Polancic

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Thea Polancic is a passionate advocate for the power of business to create prosperity, fulfillment and beauty in the world. She is also the Founder and Chair of the Chicago Chapter of Conscious Capitalism, a movement dedicated to elevating humanity through business.

Thea began her career as an “intrapreneur” within Caterpillar, opening new business in the emerging Russian economy in the 1990’s. That experience opened her eyes to what it takes to create sustainable results: purpose-driven, servant leaders; a caring culture of accountability; and creating value for all stakeholders. In founding ClearSpace in 2002, she focused on equipping teams to turn goals into reality through the combination of internal transformation and down-to-earth execution skills. As part of the team that created Tiara and one of Tiara’s Executive Coaches, Thea brings her expertise in leadership and influence to professional women.

Over the past fifteen years, she has coached executives and senior leaders around the world. Thea’s clients rely on her intelligence, energy and perspective. Thea is active in the innovation and entrepreneur community in Chicago. As a mentor to accelerators like TechStars, Healthbox and the Conscious Venture Lab, she has worked with many early stage entrepreneurs to help create businesses that are “great from the start”.

When not on the job, Thea enjoys reading, exploring pop culture, and yoga, and practicing her light saber and Lego-building skills with her son, Max.

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