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Rose DeCanniere

Certified Coach


Through her experience in disability services, Rose DeCanniere brings her compassion, knowledge, and leadership to her work.  Rose has a teaching and administrative background in both school settings and non-profit agencies.  Rose is a certified special education teacher and received her BA degree from the University of Illinois.  Rose is a certified Tiara Leadership Consultant and Kolbe Certified™ Consultant.  She is well known for her calming, positive nature and passion for empowering others.  In her current role at Easterseals, Rose bring her vision and values to lead teachers, paraprofessionals, and clinicians.  Previously, Rose managed the Adult Program at Easterseals providing services for adults with autism in a day program setting.  She continues to collaborate with adult agencies through Intersect For Ability to increase the opportunities for adults with disabilities and to improve their quality of life.  Rose lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband and son.

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