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Quanita Roberson

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Quanita Roberson is a personal and professional development facilitator with a focus on expanding inclusive leadership everywhere! Quanita is an international spiritual teacher, speaker, author, facilitator, and life coach dedicated to addressing embedded trauma through healing workshops, retreats, and rituals. In 2016 she presented at the NAACP National Convention on Community/Police Relations and served as the Keynote Speaker for The National Diversity Conference in Brazil.

Quanita holds a master’s degree in Organizational Management and Development with a concentration in Integral Theory and has served as an adjunct professor at Antioch University, and frequent instructor at Xavier University, Northern Kentucky University, University of Cincinnati, and the Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education.

As a global spiritual leader, Quanita is a keeper of ancient indigenous wisdom from the Dagara Tribe of Burkina Faso, West Africa. As a water spirit, she brings the gifts of forgiveness and reconciliation serving as a peacemaker and bridge builder to communities around the world.

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