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Jeannine Veenendaal

Certified Coach


Jeannine is a certified coach in the Tiara Model for True Leadership (SM) with extensive business experience.

She helps professional men and women to get back into the driver’s seat of  their lives — while remembering how to have fun along the way.  She is most inspired when, through her coaching, her clients feel that they are seen in the world for who they are. She desires her coaching to cause goosebumps by imagining an exciting future and thinking outside the box (instead of dwelling on the past).

Jeannine’s brings a unique creative energy and perspective to her coaching practice. She personally has experience in voice work, including leading guided meditations during coaching, singing jazz professionally, directing a choir, recording the voice for audiobooks for the visually impaired. Her love of positive energy extends from a great appreciation of beauty to hosting a good meal.

Her business background is relevant to clients in the creative and non-profit industry, but also to individuals in transition. Jeannine meets people at key moments in their lives, helping them to uncover their internal mechanisms, explore next steps, see possibilities, and identify their strengths. Many of Jeannine’s clients have since started new businesses, embraced big changes and made life-changing decisions.

Jeannine was a successful international corporate relationship banker for many years at BNP Paribas Fortis in Belgium, UK and the Netherlands. She earned a Bachelor in Business Administration at Nyenrode University (Breukelen, The Netherlands) and an MBA with honors at the University of Antwerp (Belgium).

In 2001 she and her husband took a sabbatical year, and both made a major career switch in 2004, starting up consulting and coaching businesses in Antwerp, Belgium, as well as an international network, European Partner Group. Jeannine runs its administration, finance and apartment rental business. In 2006 Jeannine became a certified coach for Best Year Yet.

Music is a big part of Jeannine’s life: in 2011 she graduated at the Jazz Studio (Antwerp, Belgium). She performs as Jazz Singer with her own trio (Tales of 3 Cities). She directed an amateur choir, was active as voice coach and has hosted business singing workshops. She is a volunteer as voice recorder of books for the visually impaired.

As active parent, Jeannine is involved in the parents’ committee at her kids’ secondary school, loves to travel, is always learning something new, and celebrates life in general!

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