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Ilene Bergelson

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Ilene Bergelson is an international presenter, moderator, educator and executive coach known for delivering straight talk with a sense of humor. She developed EmpowerSpeak with the intention of elevating the level of effective and conscious communication in the workplace. In all of her work, Ilene’s emphasis on utilizing inner awareness, a strong sense of connection to the self and a partnership-oriented approach has given people the chance to express themselves more fully both physically and verbally. Clients often say her programs are the most fun they’ve ever had building their skill, and that the impact continues to reveal itself even years later.

As a performer on Broadway, in film and on television, Ilene has developed special communication and presence techniques, which she shares with senior level executives so that they can actualize their full potential as impactful communicators. These EmpowerSpeak techniques include:

  • Mindfulness practices to cultivate presences and to craft resonant, audience-centric messaging
  • Improvisation to increase creativity, spontaneity and agility in impromptu situations
  • Experiential skill-building action items to expand comfort zone and enhance ability

As a coach, Ilene has worked with Fortune 500 companies, boutique firms and individual professionals to enhance interpersonal communication, improve outcomes through facilitated discussion, optimize presentation content, and most importantly to feel confident and centered when engaging in high-stakes situations. She founded Lifemoves Health LLC, a New York City based company specializing in conscious movement training, which brings the same principles of self-awareness, connection and ease to the arena of physical movement.


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