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Betsy Sobiech

Managing Partner


Betsy Sobiech is an expert in organization development, human behavior, training, systems thinking, communications and coaching. She is fully committed to Tiara’s mission, which is to challenge and guide women around the world to become the leaders they were meant to be in their lives and at work. Betsy currently acts as COO of this growing business and continues to provide direct services to key individual and corporate clients.

The Tiara Model for True Leadership (SM) is built on the belief that we are all leaders, because we are the leaders in our lives. When we are leading our lives clearly and powerfully, we naturally begin to grow in influence in our families, communities and companies. Tiara’s women’s leadership development curriculum is designed to help women at all stages of leadership.

As a coach and consultant, Betsy has worked with organizations such as Exxon Mobil Aviation, Hewitt Associates, Nicor Gas, Clearbrook, Center for Sight and Hearing, Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, St. Gregory the Great High School, Standard Parking, Allstate, McDonald’s, Mesirow Financial, and PepsiCo.

Betsy Sobiech is a founding partner of ClearSpace, LLC and Tiara International LLC. She is certified in Strategic Attraction Planning®, Best Year Yet®, The Effective Facilitator™ and The Kolbe System™ for Individuals and Teams. She trained as a co-active coach through The Coaches Training Institute. She participates continuously in personal growth and development courses and coaching programs. Betsy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and Religion from Truman State University and Master’s Degree in Organization Development from Loyola University Chicago.

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