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Becky Thomas

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Becky A. Thomas, PCC, CPCC, is a Next Generation Coach and the founder of Be Greater Consulting, focusing on helping Millennials and GenX’ers thrive in today’s cross-generational work environment.  Understanding that there was support for new hires and executive leadership, but that this barbell approach left out this middle section, Becky helps companies develop programs with the right amount of attention and support, which is critical to success. Her clients have seen the benefits of increased productivity, innovation and new ways of problem solving, coming up with great ideas for the organization and engagement so they are inspired to come to work again and are ready to take ownership of their job and push the businesses forward.

Becky has a corporate background in branding, marketing and strategy, an MBA from DePaul University, and more than 15 years of branding experience with fortune 500 companies and non-profits such as Jimmy Dean, Sara Lee, GUM brand and the Chicago Tribune as well as the National Restaurant Association.  She has served as the director of an international MBA and Leadership program in Rome, Italy for nearly 4 years where she also served as adjunct professor for their leadership program. Becky also achieved a leadership award from the Chicago Tribune and serves as a mentor for DePaul University’s Center for Entrepreneurship.

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