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Andrea Henning

Managing Partner


It is Andrea Henning’s vision that when people discover their authenticity and dare to follow their bliss they are happier and more successful in their lives while serving as an inspiration to their communities.

Andrea helps people and organizations clarify what is essential to them, then challenges them to get “all hands on deck” to produce the kind of results that make them want to jump out of bed in the morning. She gets right to the heart of matters, is enthusiastic about what she is doing and builds a long-term partnerships with her clients. She completely invests herself in the transformation process with her clients, guiding them to recognize their own power. She also has quite a bit of fun along the way.

Andrea’s foundational coaching principles include achieving tangible results, growing consciousness and taking personal responsibility. She knows to create an atmosphere of trust where transformation and growth can actually happen.

Andrea is a certified trainer and coach and holds various licenses for team coaching. She is educated in the enneagram, Otto Scharmer’s Theory-U Presencing Process, dialogue and systemic work. She is one of the global leaders for Tiara International LLC and founder of wezenlijk werken training and coaching.

Over the years she has worked with companies as Unilever, Econcern, ABN, NIBC, SNS Reaal, Fortis Mees Pierson, Hasbro, Price Waterhouse Coopers, LogicaCMG, ETC Leusden, Alterra Wageningen, Wageningen International, Royal Haskoning, ANWB, HAN, Sanofi Aventis, ROC Da Vinci college, ROC Landstede, ROC Frieslandlandcollege, Zeeman textiel supers, KPMG and Police Department Amsterdam.

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