Our Company

Tiara Group Shot

We launched Tiara International LLC officially in 2009 after incubating as a service line within ClearSpace, LLC, a Chicago-based consulting firm and active advocate of Conscious Capitalism.

Our team brings expertise from organization development, strategic planning, change management, coaching, psychology, sales, behavioral change, and transformation to our leadership model, our business, and our clients.


We envision a world where all people choose to lead from inspiration.


We provide transformational leadership development services for organizations and individuals worldwide.


Choice. We believe that with awareness and personal responsibility, we have choice.

Expansion. We are always learning, growing, evolving, and emerging.

Community. We know that more is possible through connection than in isolation.

Partnership. We rely on our network of trusted, open partners from around the world.

Fire. Nothing happens without fire, and fire begins within each of us.