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Tiara International’s Leadership Blog is written by a collective community of comprised of our Global Managing Partners, Certified Leadership Consultants, and trusted strategic partners. To learn more about our organization click here.

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Tiara Talk on Trust

Begin the year with greater awareness of trust, an important component of leadership.

Thank you for a great Tiara community celebration in Chicago.

We want to thank the beautiful and inspiring Zhou B Art Center, artist Ish Mohammed, and all of our Chicago-based community members who came to our celebration.

Virtual Roundtable recording available on “How To Be An Inclusive Leader.”

Are you committed to being an inclusive leader? Do you struggle with how to grow in this area, without fear of offending others, while being humble and respectful in the process? Do you desire to shift from “unconscious bias” to “conscious inclusion”?

Strengthen your goals using radical clarity.

In the True Leadership Session, you will gain Clarity on an important goal or situation.

Identify your source of inspiration with your Three Queens.

This True Leadership Session connects you with your source of inspiration through the Three Queens.

Design your Integrated Leadership Plan.

Create your Integrated Leadership Plan at any time to regain a sense of clarify, focus, and momentum.

Virtual Roundtable recording available on “The Power Paradox.”

Women in leadership roles still struggle with the concept of power. On one hand, they want to own their power as leaders, influencing and motivating others. On the other hand, they still resist being labeled as powerful because of many negative stereotypes that portray power negatively.

Virtual Roundtable recording available about going “Beyond Collaboration.”

We all know that we are supposed to collaborate and work together as a team. Yet this sometimes feels like something we need to do to check off the box of including others. Yet what would happen if teaming and inclusion were embedded in the culture? What lies  beyond collaboration? 

Celine Ikeler, Owner, The Karma Baker

Tiara International LLC is committed to inspiring women leaders. Our Tiara Spotlight Series showcases women who embody The Tiara Model for True Leadership (SM) in their life’s work.   Celine Ikeler, owner of The Karma Baker is a mother, creator, and vegan baker who has recently begun to experience an awakening and thanks Tiara, which complements her Buddhist…

Tiara’s Betsy Sobiech and Dr. Alison Miller are featured on Women’s Broadcast Television Network.

Shea Vaughn dives into the Tiara Model for True Leadership (SM) with Betsy and Alison on her women's network.